The Butterfly House


Straight out of a fairytale, this dreamy space is where you can get up, close and personal with over 20 exotic species in their natural habitat. 

With an imposing nature-inspired structure covered with plants, the Butterfly House is the Island’s primary attraction and has been ergonomically designed to let in natural light and retain humidity, creating a safe refuge for butterflies of all shapes, sizes and patterns. 

Stroll through and learn about the origins of the different species, spot the ones camouflaged with the flora and even challenge each other into identifying them.

With a café within the House too, this is where time flies by as swiftly as these winged beauties.    

These are some of our star attractions at the Butterfly House:

Our Butterflies

Tailed Jay

Alternate name: Green-spotted Triangle
Character: Known for its swift flights
Food: Nectar from flowering plants
Origin: South Asia, South East Asia and Australia

Emerald Swallowtail

Alternate name: Green-backed Peacock
Character: Likes to fly high up in forest canopies
Food: Garden plants
Origin: Southeast Asia

Pink Rose

Alternate name: Pachliopta Kotzebuea named after Otto von Kotzebuea, commander of the Russian expeditionary ship Rurik
Character: Known to fly high above the ground
Food: Garden plants
Origin: Philippines


Alternate name: Siproeta Steleness. Named ‘Malachite’ like the mineral due to its bright green color
Character: Powerful and strong fliers
Food: Nectar, fruits and animal dung
Origin: Central and northern South America

Common Cruiser

Alternate name: Vindula Erota
Character: The male and female are distinctly different in appearance
Food: Flowering plants
Origin: South and South East Asia


Great Eggfly

Alternate name: Blue Moon Butterfly or Hypolimnas Bolina
Character: Active, friendly and feisty
Food: Plants
Origin: Arabia, some parts of Africa, South and South East Asia, Australia and South Pacific islands

Common Lime butterfly

Alternate name: Lime Swallowtail derived from the name of its host plant
Character: Fast and active flyers
Food: Citrus plants
Origin: Arabia, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands

The Nymph

Alternate name: Idea Leuconoe or Paper Kite
Character: Slow and graceful fliers
Food: Flower nectar
Origin: Taiwan, some parts of Australia and South East Asia

The Red Lacewing

Alternate name: Cethosia Biblis
Character: Likes sun basking
Food: Poisonous climbing plants
Origin: India, South East and East Asia

Gray cracker

Alternate name: Hamadryas Februa
Character: Produces a sound similar to crackling bacon
Food: Fruits and animal dung
Origin: Central and South America

Great Mormon

Alternate name: Papilio Memnon
Character: Likes to mud-puddle
Food: Flowers and animal dung
Origin: North East India, East Asia, South Asia and South East Asia

Common Mormon

Alternate name: Papilio Polytes
Character: Strong defense system to escape being eaten by predators
Food: Floral nectar, animal dung and minerals near waterfalls
Origin: Peninsular India, East Asia, South Asia and South East Asia

Great Mormon Male

Great mormon has a wingspan of 13 cm. The habitat consists of forest clearings and citrus plantation. Great mormon feeds mainly on flowers and animal dungs. These butterflies are with wide range distribution from North East India, East Asia , South Asia to South East Asia.


Alternate name: Parthenos Sylvia
Character: Fast flyer with rapidly flapping wings
Food: Plants
Origin: Peninsular India and South East Asia

Forest Giant Owl

Alternate name: Caligo Eurilochus
Character: Flies only a few meters at a time to make it difficult for predators to follow
Food: leaves of bananas
Origin: Mexico, Central and South America

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Butterfly House


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