literature pavilion


Curl up with your favorite book on the comfy cushions, pen down your thoughts in absolute serenity or simply find inspiration in poetic verses. The Literature Pavilion in the Island is where readers and writers seek solace from the bustling city life to delve into literature, poetry and everything to do with the written word. Light background music, the soothing sounds of a fountain, tastefully designed seating areas and subtle calligraphic reflections create an open platform for the exchange of ideas and literary expressions.

Island’s Visit Availability

Al Noor Island will be open for guests and bookings on the following dates in February:

Wed, 10 Feb

Sat, 13 Feb

Sun, 14 Feb

Sun, 21 Feb

Mon, 22 Feb (Available from 3:00 PM until 11:00 PM)

Wed, 24 Feb

Thu, 25 Feb

All other dates are not available due to private events.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused