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Creativity finds its space on the Island in bespoke art installations and sculptures. We have teamed up with celebrated artists and sculptors to create awe-inspiring pieces that complement the offerings of the Island while integrating seamlessly with its natural space and cultural aspects.

Discover how each of the six installations scattered throughout the Island commands its own presence in concept and use of elements. Marvel at the play of light and shadows. Stimulate the mind with illusions. Awaken the senses with illuminations and reflections.

Touch. Feel. Revel in the grandeur of the masterpieces.

Torus by David Harber

The seemingly simple-looking Torus challenges your visual perceptions with an illusionary play of light and reflections. This 240 cm, shiny mirror-polished sculpture distorts its surrounding in reflections and intrigues you from all angles.


At the Northern tip of the Island are three large fossil rocks – Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Stone Tree. With the advantage of age and strength in character, the rock-solid trio is like the collective guardians of the Island.

ACT Lighting Design and OVO Art Installation

This one has been a crowd-puller in major cities around the world. The egg-shaped OVO installation skilfully combines wood, LED lighting and water to create a stunning visual treat and offer an all-encompassing sensory experience. Get ready to be transported into a fantasy world with a wondrous play of light and animation as you walk through the domed structure to the pavilion’s two portals, over a reflective water pool. It is a shining example of conceptual and design brilliance.

Columns by Susanne Schmögner

The colorfully-painted Columns stand tall in various locations around the Island, complementing the Island’s abundant flora. Linear, abstract and eye-catching these sculptural columns represent progression and stability in an ambient atmosphere.

Steel Sculpture by Edgar Tezak

This ornamental piece is a sculpture in the making. Customised to suit the natural surroundings of the Island, this impressive steel plate with floral perforations has been created using steel that’ll rust with time and lend a unique touch to the artistic vision of the creator.

Park Benches

Even the seating doubles as works of art! These special benches are three-dimensionally deformed and imprinted with colorful outdoor-qualified UV prints, making them worthy of admiration alongside other pieces.

The Swing

Azza Al Qubaisi

The Swing is an art installation born out of the Emirati culture and heritage. It reflects a heartfelt theme of the pearl harvest season during the pre-oil time in which women used to stand by the shore waiting for their husbands’ safe return from the sea.

Shaped by seven abstract pieces of rusted mild steel and stainless steel, with ghaf and palm tree leaves cut in them, The Swing features immersive and sustainable art that reflects the past and the present of the UAE.

Rusted mild steel, stainless steel, wood,
3 m x 3 m
In collaboration with Maraya Art Centre

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